The time has gone. Romeo has been gone for a while now. But now it’s really over. He’s gone. May he rest in peace.
- Good luck to Luke Mitchell, I still miss him on the show <3

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Meet The  Barrett Brothers
Josh Barrett (on the left) : played by Jackson Gallagher
Andy Barrett (on the right) : played by Tai Hara

When the boys were little their Dad disappeared and their family fell apart. Andy believes there is something more to it and he believes Danny Braxton had something to do with the disappearing. Josh hardly knew his father so he looks up to his older brother Andy. While Andy really suffered from the disappearing. He needs to find out what happened.
Things will get hot.
Watch our for these two brothers ;)
It’s was so good to see them back for a while <3
Rozie & Sasha real life friends! <3

i’m sorry for not being active for the past 2 months. I was very busy and the site were I watched home and away got caught and they took it down. But I found another one! YAY YAY YAY! 

More updates from tomorrow on! 

Stay tunedddd !

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Anonymous: hey im a fan from the uk and I was wondering if you could fill me in on some stuff thats been happening in it from australia? were currently on the part were brax goes to save ricky and gets shot :)

Hi UK-fan! Wel there has been happening a lot actually :) Brax got into a coma where he met Charlie and she encouraged him to wake up! He did :) Ricky told the truth to the cops so Kyle & Casey got out of jail but the sad part is Tamara lost her memory she doesn’t remember anything from Summerbay or in the desert. That’s very hard on Casey! Also she feels attracted to Kyle.. Marilyn got feelings for John and Darcy is back! There is many more to follow. If you keep following my blog you will find updates soon! <3

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